Thursday, February 19, 2009

Opinions about our prospective minister of information

Author: ZEO (registered user)
Date: 02-19-2009 12:33

Zita Okaikoi had on her CV “qualifying certificate of law” as the certificate she obtained from the Ghana Law School, instead of “Barrister of Law”, an error she duly admitted.

“Well I have just been told is a mistake so I accept it,” she said.


Duh!! Duh !! Duh !! Okai, kai, kai, koi,koi!! What's up girl?

Okai Koi presented 2 CVs but one was totally different from the other. The questioners couldn't make head or tail of which was the right CV.

She sounded and looked vacuous. How did she obtain her law degree?

This lady sounded very dumb.

I am sorry I have to be this blunt. But let the truth be told.

Yesterday at the vetting, everybody was sitting on pins!! Tense!!

I know it reflects badly on Mills administration but new Governments make mistakes and this pretty dumbo is one big mistake!!

Beauty can open doors but substance secures the job.

This 33-year old Minister for Information designate is simply a train wreck waiting to happen.

She was bad!!

Very, very bad!!

I am not mincing words and I must tell you that Mills made a big mistake nominating her for any post.

She seems to be always lost in her environment and sounds jittery when confronted with very basic enquiries not only related to her area of expertise but also about matters regarding her new job as Minister of information.

She never once thought about visiting GTV to at least familiarize herself with Government media and when a question was posed to her regarding an infastracture problem at the Government media center she admitted that she was unaware of the problem since she had never been there before.

Holy cow!!

Furthermore, in an earlier interview on Joy fm she revealed she hadn't spoken to Mills before this nomination.

This is fair criticism moving forward and it must be viewed in that light.

Let us do thing right. Let us hire the right people to do the work for Ghana. Ministerial jobs are not beauty contests.

Zita will be a butt of jokes whenever she dares open her moth. The guys at Joy Fm and other media houses will chew her and spit her out like bad cola!!

I heard her!!

She will not make it!!

And she looks attractive, so what?

Oh, please!!


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